About Us

Total Ship Requirement Provider

Theme of the company

Our goal to provide all your ship requirements quickly & respondently.

Path of our success (Vision, Mission & Values)

Vision :

To give a best customer service in the shipping industry.

Mission :

To provide excellent services in :

Customer requirements.
The development of the company's human resources.

Values :

Fulfill customer expectations respectively.
to adopt a professional approval in all our dealings.
To provide open & transparent services.
Provide services accordingly high ethical standards and practices.
To get a high responsible services till the end of your requirements.
Get a full responsibility to provide a high quality cost effective services.

Significant events of our history

Date of start : 01/07/2003
Company address :

Registered : No. 40, Ihala bomiriya, Kaduwela, Sri Lanka.
Operations ; No 22, 1st floor, Borella super market, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka.

Tel. No. : +94 11 4936165                      Fax : +94 11 4602041
E-Mail : oleworld@dialogsl.net

Other countries linked overseas with :

United States of America
The Netherlands